Montagnes de Lans

Dare to ski naturally!

The Lans-en-Vercors ski areas will be applying all the safety measures imposed by the current pandemic.

The Montagnes de Lans snow stadium was created in 1975 and offers skiers the possibility to go Alpine skiing in the midst of nature. The ski area is four kilometres away from the village (get there using the free shuttle buses or by car) and there are 26 slopes, 12 ski lifts and 1 carpet lift for all levels of ability, with a special, secure area for beginners.

The Montagnes de Lans Alpine ski area is open from 9am to 5pm.

At the foot of the slopes, there are also mountain restaurants, the French Ski School and a ski equipment rental shop. 

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  • Domaine alpin des Montagnes de Lans
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  • Domaine alpin des Montagnes de Lans
  • Domaine alpin des Montagnes de Lans
  • Vertige des Cimes- Lans en Vercors
  • Vertige des Cimes- Lans en Vercors