The Partner Inspiration Vercors label belongs to the Inspiration Vercors brand and is aimed at tourism professionals in the local area. For local businesses, this voluntary scheme allows you to incorporate the Inspiration Vercors values into your business. Advantages and procedure...


Businesses that would like to get involved and prove their commitment to a shared territory can apply for the Partner label!
This label will help you progress and therefore improve your visibility, by joining the destination’s brand, Inspiration Vercors.  It integrates the Inspiration Vercors values into your services, allowing you to differentiate yourselves.
The benefits of the label are:
  • You’ll be provided with a Partner Inspiration Vercors communication kit (logo, signs, charter, etc.)
  • You’ll be provided with a collection of shared images and videos.
  • You'll be able to participate in promotional operations carried out by Inspiration Vercors (press, trade fairs, blogger presence, etc.)
  • You'll gain in visibility across Inspiration Vercors social networks.
  • You can participate in specific training programmes.
  • You'll belong to a network of go-getting professionals.


The PARTNER Inspiration Vercors label is available to professionals who already work with their local tourist office, and it is a voluntary application that offers you a way to work together and affirm your commitment to this shared territory.


The procedure is:
Simple: we wanted to develop a simple assessment tool, without too much criteria, to just cover the main priorities for Vercors.
Independent: with this tool, you can assess yourself at your own pace, in several stages, taking the time to check whether your products and services are in keeping with the territory’s values.
Reactive: a commission for the brand made up of the Vercors tourist offices (Vercors, Vercors Drôme, Villard-de-Lans,  Corrençon, Saint Marcellin Vercors Isère Communauté,  Trièves) and the Vercors Regional Nature Park get together every 2 months to assess candidates for the label. 

The steps to obtain the PARTNER label:
  1. Operate in the tourism sector in the Inspiration Vercors territory.
  2. Perform the self-assessment online on the platform and provide all the necessary details (members of the brand commission will then be informed of your application automatically). The self-assessment involves four types of criteria: pre-requisites and commitments (compulsory), a fixed section that applies to all tourism activities and a specific section for the different activities (accommodation, activity providers, travel agencies, tourist attractions, etc.). To be awarded the label, you will need a score of at least 80% for both the fixed and specific sections.
  3. Validate my application with the Inspiration Vercors brand commission
  4. Sign a commitment charter that I will then display in my establishment or include in my communications materials
Click here to become a Partner.

‘Accueil Vélo’ Label
Majestic roads, forest paths, Via Vercors, through hamlets and villages... You will love exploring the fantastic cycling routes through Vercors. Whether you come as a family, with friends or alone, whatever the duration of the ride, on a mountain bike, hybrid bike or road bike, you’ll find what you need to explore, discover and enjoy yourselves.
The Vercors Intercommunal Tourist Office offers top quality services adapted to bicycle touring, to make your trip here easier for you, and they are also developing the French ‘Accueil Vélo’ label across the area, along with the town councils and local businesses.
The certified professionals are committed to welcoming cyclists and offering adapted services in their specific field.
Cyclists can use ‘Accueil Vélo’ establishments with complete peace of mind:
  • Less than 5 km from a cycle route
  • Facilities that are adapted to cyclists: secure bike storage, repair kit
  • Warm welcome (practical information, advice, itineraries, weather, etc.).
  • They provide bicycle touring services: luggage transfer, washing and drying clothing, bike hire and washing