Who are we?

The Vercors Intercommunal Tourist Office

This Tourist Office is a non-profit association under the French 1901 law and was created in November 2017 as part of a tourism reorganisation plan for the towns of Autrans-Méaudre-en-Vercors, Lans-en-Vercors, Saint-Nizier-du--Moucherotte and Engins.
   Since the 1st January 2018, this Tourist Office has been in charge of tourism promotion, taking over from the 3 associative tourist offices that were working separately in each town.

   Our Tourist Office has been entrusted with the public welcome services, information, activities, promotion and the sale of local tourism products and services by the Vercors Massif community of municipalities.
   The Tourist Office is funded by the town councils (via the Vercors Massif community of municipalities Tourism Budget) and is a private organism working at the service of its partners, players from the economic and tourism sectors.

The Vercors Tourist Office is managed by a board of directors, made up of:
-  12 ex officio members, nominated in town councils and representatives of the Vercors Massif community of municipalities
-  12 active members, representatives elected at the general assemblies for local businesses and 2 associate members.
-  President: Jean - Charles Tabita
-  Vice - Presidents: Sophie Valeron - Stéphane Duchêne
The Board of Directors decides upon the objectives, projects and votes the budget. The employees are in charge of putting these decisions into action and then reporting on them.
Our  duties
  • Welcome, inform and advise
  Welcome the public all year round: Welcome the public in person and on the telephone all year round at the four branches and provide information about the tourist attractions, in several languages.
  Centralise, draw up and then circulate local tourism information for customers and locals.
   Improve the accessibility and quality of information for our customers.
  • Communicate and promote
 - Promote the destinations and the image of our resorts and towns of Autrans-Méaudre, Lans-en-Vercors, St-Nizier-du-Moucherotte and Engins, and improve the attractiveness of the area.
 - Design and manage publications (brochures, guides, etc.)
- Manage and moderate the websites autrans-meaudre.com and lansenvercors.com and the social networks (Facebook, Instagram).
 - Develop communication campaigns.
 - Take part in promotional trade fairs.
 - Inform and welcome the press and media, showcasing our partners and their skills: SADA and the Vercors Nature Park for the Inspiration Vercors initiatives, Isère Tourisme and Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes.
  • Provide support for partners 
 - Provide support for local tourism players. Support and training for professionals to improve their performance.
   - Develop the network of partners.
   - Provide information about latest news, new trends and innovations in the tourism industry.
   - Improve customer satisfaction (rating, offering deals and services).
  • Sales
  Put in place sales tools for accommodation providers and activity providers: market place, availability platform and sale of activities.
  • Events’ organisation 
 Participate, assist and provide skills for organising events aimed at our tourism customer base, in keeping with the region’s values.
  • Help develop the local tourism and development policies    
  In partnership with the Vercors Massif community of municipalities attractiveness and development department, the Vercors Regional Nature Park and the town councils.