Our animals friends

In summer, a great incentive to take children hiking

Hiking with animals is so much more fun! The pack donkeys will help you carry your equipment or your children, and the cani-rando dogs will give you support and enthusiasm! And what could be more enjoyable than a stroll through the forest on horseback or pony? Here are some original activities to share with our animal friends, because as you'll understand, in the Vercors, we love animals!

They'll be your hiking companions, helping your children to enjoy their walk and discover the mountains in a whole new way. These original, 100% natural activities are also suitable for sports enthusiasts, who can try out an invigorating hike pulled by a sled dog!

In winter, the geography of the Vercors and its pristine wilderness make it ideal for dog sledding.

The professionals of the Vercors will share with you their passion and the life of these tireless four-legged companions. Adventure and thrills guaranteed!
Escape to the Great North in the company of a professional

You can learn to drive a sled with a professional (steer your own sled - from age 8) or simply discover the activity during a baptism (you sit in the sled and the musher steers the sled).
Younger children (aged 5 to 7) can discover the activity with adapted sleds and a single dog.

Please note that this ACTIVITY IS HIGHLY IN DEMAND and INACCESSIBLE ON SOME DAYS: please make appointments DIRECTLY with the mushers, preferably BY E-MAIL and not by telephone. The Tourist Office cannot take bookings. Contact details for the two mushers are at the bottom of this page.
You are an amateur musher
 If you'd like to train or just slide with your dogs, we can reserve the former black cross-country ski run in the Narces Nordic ski area, as well as the Davière run from Les Eymes.      Reservations required for amateur mushers here
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