Take advantage of your holiday to recharge your batteries

Vercors, the official provider of pure mountain air, is the ideal destination for relaxation and wellness and our service providers have various experiences on offer to make sure you feel good, both in your body and mind. Massages, yoga, meditation... Find out about the wellness activities available for the ultimate relaxation on holiday.  When you come back from a day of skiing or exploring, you’ll appreciate a massage to relax and ease your built-up tension. For those who would like to improve their concentration and find inner peace, sophrology is a discipline that is inspired by yoga, meditation and Japanese relaxation techniques. The perfect way to refocus on yourself.

The ‘wellness’ service providers in Lans-en-Vercors invite you to just let go while you’re on holiday at the heart of Vercors.


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Naturopathe et praticienne en massages - Claire Bayard +33 6 13 36 15 93
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Centre SYM BI OSE +33 6 83 01 74 64
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Centre SYM BI OSE +33 7 81 34 03 46
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Emeline Loisel - Massages du Monde +33 6 27 64 01 02