Our clubs and our athletes

Vercors is a land of champions for all disciplines and in all seasons. Sport has been part of the very DNA of the locals here since the region welcomed the winter Olympic Games in 1968 (Grenoble Winter Olympics).

The resort’s clubs
Le Ski Amical Méaudrais and the U.S. Autrans for cross-country skiingand for Alpine skiing

The town of Autrans-Méaudre-en-Vercors provides support to the young athletes in the local area. We hope they have a great season! 

Niels Gouy – Nordic Combined
My name is Nils Gouy and I was born on 10 July 2001. I have always lived in Autrans. I was born into a sporty family and I was introduced to Nordic Combined when I was 10 years old. I began with the club US Autrans, before joining the Comité de Ski du Dauphiné and then more recently the junior France teams. 
I compete in the world cup B and transalpine competitions, and I took part in the Junior world championships in Lahti, where I was classified 27th. 
Here are my main achievements: 
- 10 national medals  
- 3rd by team at the OPA games  
- 6th at the OPA in 2020 (European U20 competition) 
- Selected for the junior world championships in 2020 and 2021 
- Competed in the continental cup and came 32nd (world cup B) in 2020  
- 3rd in the U20 French championships in 2020  

Margot Chichignoud – Biathlon
“My name is Margot Chichignoud, I’m 19 and I’m from Grenoble. I’ve lived on the plateau for 8 years now. I’ve always been sporty and always loved it, especially cross-country skiing. Family roots in Autrans were the reason my family decided to move to Vercors and that was when this sport became a real passion for me. I started off with Alpine skiing and then moved onto Nordic skiing with my club, US Autrans. I managed to get accepted as up-and-coming talent in biathlon in Villard-de-Lans.
Over the years, I have progressed little by little, steadily. I won my place on the national podiums for the first time with the U17, then was regularly among the top 5 and top 10 in my first year with the U19 in the SAMSE National Tour. Thanks to these results, I was selected for my first international competitions in the IBU junior cup and I finished in the top 20. I also took part in the EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival) in Sarajevo which was a fantastic experience for me.
Last season was marked by a few injuries, illnesses and a serious fall on rollerskis which meant I had to stop training and it took me a long time to recover.
That meant my results weren’t what I had aimed for and didn’t reflect my ability!
This year has started off pretty well with several top 5 achievements in national U22 competitions. Let’s hope it continues this way!” 

Justine Gaillard – Cross-country skiing
“Hi, I’m Justine Gaillard, I’m 17 years old and I’ve always lived in Autrans-Méaudre-en-Vercors. I was born on skis and have been a member of the Méaudre ski club since I was tiny (just like the rest of my family!). I began by competing in regional competitions, and I trained with the team from Jean Prévost school in Villard-de-Lans.
After being selected to compete in national competitions several times with the Comité de Ski du Dauphiné, I joined this club at the beginning of the summer 2019. I’m now studying at a school that gives me the possibility to complete my high school studies in 4 years, so that I can easily combine sport and my studies.
I compete in national competitions, and last winter I was part of the U17 team. I came 6th in the overall ranking for the SAMSE national tour and 4th for my age group. I am vice-champion of France for U17 mixed relay (with Melina Berthet, Felix Caillot and Charly Deuffic). I also came second at Alpes d’Huez, which meant I was selected for the European Cup in the U18 category, but unfortunately the competition didn’t take place because of the pandemic.
I am currently in my first year with the U20 category, and we have been lucky to achieve a few national best times. For this winter, my goal is to be in the top 15 in the overall ranking and in the top 3 for my age group. And also to be selected for the U18 European Cup.”

Coline Pasteur – Biathlon
“I started cross-country skiing at around the age of 6 with the club in Chamrousse, then shooting a few years later to start competing in biathlon competitions. I liked it straight away. I loved competitions, and up until the end of high school, I competed with the school swim team, and on weekends I went skiing.
 After that, I managed to get accepted as up-and-coming talent in biathlon in Villard-de-Lans and was able to concentrate on this discipline. My family chose to move to Méaudre. That’s when I started to win my first medals and my first national victories in junior competitions. Then I discovered the international competitions such as the IBU Junior Cup, or the World Youth Championships where I won a bronze medal in relay, leaving me with absolutely amazing memories.
I am now in my second year of my Biology degree at the University of Grenoble and I competed in the Universities World Championships with them. Alongside my student life, I make the most of the fantastic playground in Vercors and go on long outings over to La Molière or down the Alpine slopes in Méaudre. I love training for biathlon and my goal is to carry on improving my skills to get as far as I possibly can at a professional level.” 

Loan Buisson – Biathlon
“Hello, I’m Loan Buisson, biathlon athlete at the Comité de Ski du Dauphiné and Méaudre club. A few words about my sporting career so far: in my first years as a biathlon athlete, so in U16-17, I added 2 medals from French championships to my humble list of achievements.
Then, in my two years with U19, I was selected for the ISF international championships and came in 6th place solo and 3rd for mixed relay.  I also came 5th in the French championships in summer 2019, and finished several times in the top 10 in the winter French Cup. On top of that, I came 3rd and 7th in the qualifying heats and final stages of the French Cup for Knock-Out Sprint for cross-country skiing!” 

Maya Even – Cross-country skiing
“My name is Maya Even, I’m 19 years old and I’m an athlete in the French junior cross-country skiing team. I have always lived in Méaudre and you could say that I was born on skis. I started with the Ski Amicale Meaudrais club, and after 12 years, I'm still a member of that club. First it was for leisure and then very quickly I started competing in my first competitions. When I was in year 10, I joined the up-and-coming talent at the Comité de Ski du Dauphiné for cross-country skiing and biathlon.
The year after that, I stopped rifle shooting so I could concentrate on skiing. 
Since then, I have won several medals in French championships and in 2018 I was selected for the EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival), my first international competition. 
Last year, I took part in several U20 European Cups and I managed to finish in the top 10, which then allowed me to compete in the Junior World Championships. This year, I joined the French team for my last year with the U20 team. 
It’s a complicated season but I’m still motivated and still having great fun!” 

Charly Deuffic – Cross-country skiing
“Hi, my name is Charly Deuffic and I’m 16 years old. I am a member of the US Autrans club and I have been cross-country skiing with this club since the age of 8. Here are some of my achievements from last year:
U17, 1st year: Arvieux national competition: 7.5 km classic 5th U17 and 1st U16 and 10 km skate skiing 9th U17 and 2nd U16
Alpe d’Huez Dauphiné Cup: 10 km skate skiing 2nd U17
Markstein national competition: 7.5 km skate skiing 7th U17 and 2nd U16 and 10 km classic 9th U17 and 3rd U16
Féclaz national competition:  7.5 km classic mass-start 6th and 1st U16
Prémanon national competition: 10 km skate skiing mass-start 7th U17 and 1st U16
Alpe d’Huez national competition: 7.5 km classic individual: 6th U17 and 3rd U16
French Championships Mixed Relay U17: Vice champion of France
Selection for European Cup: Couldn’t take part due to the Covid pandemic.”

Félix Caillot – Cross-country skiing
“My name is Félix Caillot, I’m 16 and I’m a cross-country skier. My parents passed on this love for sport in the great outdoors to me when I was very young. At a very young age I joined the Méaudre club and I have been a member for 10 years now! 
I am now an up-and-coming athlete for Dauphiné and I am studying at the same time at the Lycée Jean Prevost in Villard-de-Lans, where I am currently in year 12. 
This school allows me to study and progress in my sporting discipline at the same time, I’m really lucky! 
I currently take part in the national competition (SAMSE National Tour) and last year I was ranked 5th for my age group in the U17 category, the same category in which I won the title of vice champion of France for Relay with my team (with Justine Gaillard and Charly Deuffic). This year I’m still in U17 and I have already taken part in 4 races and came 3rd once and twice I finished in the top 5. This is a good start to the season despite several races being cancelled due to the pandemic. 
My goal is to one day compete in international competitions and maybe even with the French national team.

Laura Boucaud - Biathlon
“My name is Laura Boucaud, I’m 20 years old and I’m a biathlon athlete in the French junior team.
I started cross-country skiing in year 6, after going on little outings with my parents, as a family. I was passionate about outdoor activities such as cycling and running, so cross-country skiing was perfect for me. I had quite good balance and loved skiing so the next logical step for me was to join Autrans club. I improved my skiing technique there thanks to Cathy and Willy.
I carried on with my studies at the Lycée Jean Prevost in Villard-de-Lans so I could also take part in this sport which had become a real passion. I learnt so much in the years I spent as up-and-coming talent there.
My results were pretty good and I had a choice to make, between cross-country skiing and biathlon. French junior champion in cross-country skiing or 3rd in biathlon, my choice naturally went towards biathlon.
I improved my shooting skills and managed to qualify for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Erzurum in 2017.
Then I took part in the Junior World Championships in 2019 and we finished third, with Coline and the team.
The following spring, I joined the French national team, alongside Simon Fourcade.
The 2019-2020 season was an emotional roller-coaster with my first top 6 in a Junior Cup, my first victory in Mixed Relay, our victory in the Junior World Championships for the women’s relay and my title of junior European vice champion for sprint in Hochfilzen. The season was brought to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and I was really motivated for the following season.
Even if I haven’t yet reached my goals for the beginning of this season, I have enjoyed the fantastic snow cover across Vercors. I am getting stronger by the day and I still believe my dreams will one day come true!”

Margaux Gaillard – Cross-country skiing
“My name is Margaux Gaillard, I’m 19 years old and I am a cross-country skier with the Comité de Ski du Dauphiné and a member of Méaudre club since I was very young. I have always lived in Méaudre and coming from a family of cross-country skiers, I was attracted to this discipline from an early age. I went to school at the Jean Prévost high school in Villard-de-Lans and I was able to ski alongside my studies there. I am currently studying at the Lycée Agricole de la Motte Servolex and I am able to combine my studies with cross-country skiing easily there because my baccalaureate is stretched across 4 years and I’m now in my final year.
As for my achievements, I was selected for the schools world championship in 2018 and came 9th solo and 2nd as a team. I also came 2nd in the ‘Foulée Blanche’ classic skiing competition in 2019, and last December I won a medal for distance classic skiing in the French Cup, and was in the top 10 several times in the same discipline.
I hope that the current situation with the pandemic improves and that we can finish the season on a high note.”