Prestigious Estates

Our top-of-the-range accommodation (5 ‘épis’)

Our big ‘prestigious’ estates are all classified with 5 ‘épis’ by Gites de France and also offer a concierge service. They are ideal for corporate events, other events, individuals and groups.

These luxury estates pay particular attention to decoration and offer a range of additional services to choose from for an exceptional holiday. At the châteaus or big estates, the accommodation and gardens are all spacious. You'll be able to relax on a sun lounger or by a pool, enjoy the benefits of a spa or a massage.

They are historic estates with a certain charm and authenticity. For a luxury holiday in the mountains, opt for our ‘prestigious’ estates!
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  • Extérieur
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Lans en Vercors studio, flat House 450 15 personnes 345
Exceptional house to rent with family or friends. In the 18th century, the Duke of Sassenage had five houses or "hunting lodges" built on his land in the Vercors.
  • :
    • private individual
    • studio, flat
    • House
  • Piscine
  • Internet & Wifi
  • Jardin, terrasse/balcon
  • Equipements bébé
  • Draps inclus