Paragliding & snowkite

The villages of Méaudre and Autrans both have FFVL (Fédération Française de Vol Libre) approved paragliding sites. A breathtaking view of the Vercors!
Discover the Vercors from another angle!

Méaudre village: for experienced pilots, you can take off from the 4-seater chairlift or the Cray ski lift and land in the kindergarten field at the foot of the downhill ski slopes.

Autrans village: the take-off area is at Bellecombe pass.

Autrans-Méaudre en Vercors also boasts a popular snowkiting spot, with snow-covered, windy plains in winter. Watching the colorful sails waltz by is a wonderful sight!
Fill up on sensations!

Looking for freedom and wide open spaces? The region's hilly terrain makes the resorts of Autrans and Méaudre an ideal playground for snowkiting. Experience this trendy, fun activity that invites you to get away from it all in the wind-swept, snow-covered open spaces. Discover the mountains as the wind blows.

To discover this activity, head to Vercors, the birthplace of snowkiting.

The resorts of Autrans and Méaudre invite you to try your hand at this fun, environmentally-friendly sport. No need for lifts, this off-piste sport...

Let yourself be tempted by this "in the wind" activity with Vercorspirit.