Ski touring

Skiing, but differently

This revitalising discipline is the perfect way to explore the mountains off the beaten track. This activity is suited to beginners and the more experienced and Vercors is the perfect venue with its varied slopes and wide-open stretches of snow. 
Two disciplines, two similar activities but with different equipment: 
Nordic or cross-country ski touring: Nordic ski touring is a contemporary version of skiing, invented by Nordic countries, using ski skins under lightweight skis, in a natural environment that has not been developed for skiing, on ungroomed slopes that are not particularly steep. This activity is an opportunity to explore off-piste areas with ease and speed.
Alpine ski touring (also known as ski touring, mountain skiing or mountaineering-skiing): 
This outdoor activity involves climbing up the ski slopes using ski skins (synthetic strips fixed under adapted skis), then once you arrive at the peak, the skins are put away in the backpack and you ski back down the slope. 
This activity is done outside of the ski areas, on natural, non-prepared, ungroomed slopes. This activity requires knowledge of the snow, the risks (avalanches) and knowledge of the techniques for the upward climb and then skiing downhill. Individual safety equipment is COMPULSORY: Avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe. .
Would you like to discover, get an introduction or improve your skills? 
Don’t hesitate to call upon a professional for your first outings in either of these disciplines or to improve your technique. Here is the full list.

To hire the necessary equipment > Achard Sports
Ski tourers, be careful at all times! Skiing between 5pm and 9am is FORBIDDEN!

According to decree no.26-2015 related to safety on the Alpine ski slopes, it is forbidden to use the ski slopes, either in an upwards or downwards direction, every day between 5pm and 9am. For the purpose of maintaining the ski slopes, we use grooming machinery and some of the machines are equipped with a cable winch. The cable winch is pulled along the slope, it is tightened and loosened along the way. It can be lashed to the left or right very quickly, with extreme violence. This cable is not always visible, which makes it extremely dangerous for skiers who might come into contact with it. Despite this regulation, every year there are incidents at the ski areas due to skiers who do not respect this safety rule. There are signs at various entrance points to the ski area, informing skiers of this rule. Please respect this rule and make sure others do too.

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