Adventure park and giant swings

Acrobatic courses in the forest

Just a stone's throw from Grenoble, this activity is open to everyone from age 3 at Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte and from age 4 at Autrans. Aspiring adventurers, discover 100%-safe courses in the trees! Take to the skies to test your agility as you cross footbridges and suspension bridges, and add a little courage as you launch yourself into the void on the zip lines!

This aerial adventure is both fun and sporty, with a range of courses and activities: workshops, zip lines, monkey bridges and more.
The more athletic will also find courses to suit their level, with giant zip lines and slacklines several meters high.

Kids love it... and so do adults!


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Saint Nizier Aventure +33 6 89 91 10 92
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