The Via Vercors

The ‘Vercors 4 Mountains’ is at an altitude of 1,000 metres and this is where you’ll find the Via Vercors, a greenway route reserved for non-motorised vehicles and walkers, without too many steep sections.
The Vercors Massif community of municipalities, together with the town councils, decided to create a project in line with the region’s environmental policy, the goal of which was: To encourage eco-friendly modes of transport by creating a greenway route (no motorised vehicles allowed) that is accessible to everyone!

A mountain greenway route that is accessible to all.

The VIA VERCORS was created in 2012 and has been improved each season: rural paths created to allow both locals and visitors to the area, whether on foot, by bike, sporty or contemplative, to use a path that would lead them from village to village.

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